Godstrike Tips and Tricks

Posted on Apr 19, 2021.

Godstrike is tough! It’s a bullet hell shooter, albeit one that is more accessible than the genre is known for, and It will punish lapses in your attention. Defeating every boss is a battle against both waves of bullets and the ticking of the clock, and you’ll need all the help you can get to succeed. Here are some Godstrike tips and tricks you can take with you in an attempt to surmount the colossal foes between you and victory.


Need a hand figuring out your skill loadout? Has a specific boss got you stumped? These Godstrike tips and tricks are a brilliant way to start getting to grips with Godstrike’s challenges.


As you defeat bosses in Godstrike, you will unlock more passive and active skills. Active skills reduce the available time you have for a fight when equipped, whereas passives have no penalty. Both are limited to four slots, but don’t feel the need to take all of the available activities if you find the time limit is too harsh. Because there’s on penalty on passive, you should always load up on these. Experimenting with whether you need a teleport or a shield for a certain section is worth a few restarts. If you’re restarting with a loadout to no avail, try backing out and mixing things up.


Certain skill combos are extremely strong: anything that increases the amount of bullets you fire, or the speed you can fire pair extremely well together: spread shot, rapid fire, and lock-on are a combo that can shred through a bosses health if they’re triggered at the same time, causing a huge wave of bullets to track your foe. Similarly, the shield and focused laser pair well because you can remain invulnerable to damage whilst firing. There are a few combos like this, and if you need to practice with them, the passive that causes souls to drop faster helps you top up your energy quicker.


Whilst battles in Godstrike can get incredibly hectic as the screen fills up with bullets, the best tip is to not panic. The trick to many of the patterns is that you can usually find a spot to stand that makes you safe. Once you’ve identified that spot, it’s simply a case of remembering which attack is up next, and getting in position. This is the ideal time to use your stronger active skills too.


On a similar tact, whilst quick reflexes will let you dodge bullets, nothing is more powerful in Godstrike than the ability to predict what’s next. Bosses have specific attack patterns tied to each of their phases. Learning these on your first few attempts is more important than winning. If you take some damage to get to the second or third phase, but know you’re going to run out of time, study the enemy’s attacks instead. Bring that knowledge in on subsequent attempts so you can position yourself advantageously, as above, and punish the boss.


After a string of failures, you’ll get the option to switch to easy mode. In the Story mode, there’s no reason not to take this opportunity, as it lessens the damage you take by a little, and tones down some of the tougher moves. It’s best to think of the story as a lengthy tutorial for the Arena and Challenge modes which give you more skills to play with. Easy mode keeps progress nice and smooth in areas where it may otherwise be rough, so don’t hesitate to accept if you need to.