Smash the faces of hell spawns in Project Lilith

Posted on Apr 17, 2021.

Project Lilith oozes style. I know this, because of the way the armoured hero wields their gargantuan war hammer: first a rapid, violent lurch towards the enemy, then an exaggerated swing of their melee weapon, a vibrant trail following the trajectory of the swing. Like any respectable soulslike, the battle also takes place in an ancient ruin, full of collapsed stone structures and masonry walls―an aesthetic that represents a deeply primal form of decay, destruction and death.

It’s no surprise to learn that this mysterious assailant in Project Lilith is on a personal quest of vengeance and revenge: at this point simply a flimsy but functional excuse to wreak havoc and destruction on beastly creatures. The game promises loads of bloodshed and gruelling combat for the souls veteran, and along the way you’ll slay demons and hell spawns with tons of cool, oversized weapons. You can also dual wield giant swords, craft new equipment, trade your loot with opportunistic vendors, and tap on your inner rage to unleash powerful attacks.

Project Lilith also promises a revolutionary, “never seen before” action combat system, but hasn’t quite hinted at what these are, exactly. Slashing, attacking, blocking and countering are all part of the formula for combat too, but there’s also various ways to finish your violent encounter with a finisher move. So far, so souls.

There isn’t a projected release date for Project Lilith yet, but there are plenty of other soulslike you can check out while waiting, such as the action RPG Thymesia.